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The OC Equation™: Setting Culture Goals

"And they’re off!" Famous words that begin any race. As a leader, you’re now officially off to the races to meet or exceed your 2015 goals and achieve your overall strategic plan. And, if you’re like most successful leaders, you’ve already been thinking about 2015...

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What We Can Learn About the NFL’s Culture Using The OC Equation™

When evaluating the NFL’s culture, we begin by looking at their actions. In other words, what does the NFL hire for, reward and fire for? Since January 2000, there have been a total of 731 arrests and alleged criminal incidents involving NFL players, including at least three players arrested for involvement in the deaths of other people; Aaron Hernandez, Jovan Belcher and Josh Bent.

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Are Your Leveraging Your OC or Managing to the LCD?

In business, you’ve likely heard the adage, “What get measured, gets done”, well the same is true for expectations. What is expected is what actually happens. Your expectations can become self-fulfilling prophecies and can actually lead to people improvements or people destruction. If you express your expectations in terms of doubts, skepticism or lack of confidence, you are likely to see those results. On the other hand it you show confidence in people and expect them to succeed, you will see different results.

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Linking Business Strategies and Goals with OC

Success is driven through the alignment of your Leadership, Strategy and Culture. Before you can attempt to establish an effective OC (Organizational Culture) based on your values and philosophies, and aligned with your leadership and strategies, you have to know 3 things: 1) where your organization is now, 2) where you want it to go, and 3) how you are going to get there – in other words, you must develop a strategic plan.

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The First Step to Competitive Advantage: Assessing Your OC

Your OC is unique to your organization and should be a reflection of your organization’s true DNA. When captured and leveraged through commitment from your leadership and integration into your strategy, your OC can provide your organization with a decisive competitive advantage. But before it can be leveraged to achieve your strategy, you have to understand and identify it.

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