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HR Consulting in Murfreesboro, TN

At HR Solutions by Design we built our business and reputation around delivering innovative human capital solutions that leverage Organizational Culture (OC) as the client’s true competitive advantage. Our solutions will help your organization build an OC of distinction, engage employees at all levels and enhance performance.

With HR Solutions by Design, you don’t just get a vendor, you gain a strategic partner and an extension of your leadership team who understands how to maximize your OC and put it to work to accomplish your business strategy and get results.

While we may not be the perfect solution for every organization, we are committed to helping you find the best solution for your needs.

Human Capitol Solutions:

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HR Consulting for Projects:

Need additional help to finish an ongoing, lingering project? We become an extension of your team to help design, develop and implement any human capital program or initiative.

HR Consulting in Murfreesboro TN on Demand:

Once the road-map has been established and priorities have been confirmed, this will allow the HR Solutions by Design team to take the lead in implementing the recommendations and helping your organization and its employees continue to be effective. By outsourcing all or part of your HR function, your company gains access to an entire team of HR professionals all with unique subject matter and industry expertise.

HR Consulting in Brentwood TN

“It’s rare to find an HR professional who combines subject matter expertise, solid judgment, business acumen, training skills and enthusiasm.  Cindy is just such a professional.  I recommend her without reservation.”

Terry Szmagala

Senior Vice President/Chief Counsel , Eaton Corporation


HR Consulting in Brentwood TN



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Kick It Up a Notch & Get Results by Incorporating Organizational Culture (OC) Goals into Your Business Strategy

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been quietly contemplating why and how Organizational Culture (OC) can and should be integrated into every organization’s “normal” course of doing business. How to move it from a fad (according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary...

What’s Wrong with Creating an Innovation Culture?

Last week, I attended the TVCSHRM Fall Workshop: Un-Management with Talent Anarchy where they were discussing “A Culture that Fuels Innovation”.
Our discussion was very interesting particularly when we discussed three distinct cultures: 1) Culture of Connection, 2) Culture of Inclusion and 3) Culture of Liberation in relation to building a Culture of Innovation…

The Power of an Empowerment Culture.

The best managers are also great leaders, effectively applying the science of management along with the art of leadership. People naturally follow leaders out of trust, respect and personal motivation. Leaders set the right example and bring out the best in the people who follow them.