Organizational Development

Organizational success is often defined by your organization’s culture; and building efficient systems that support your Mission, Vision, Values and long-term strategy as they relate to your human capital are the keys to leveraging that culture as a sustainable competitive advantage.

You likely have comprehensive policies and practices in place for your tactical business processes in accounting, operations, engineering, IT and customer service. However, an area of expertise often overlooked involves assessing your human capital strategies and the organizational structure needed for long term growth & success.

Taking the time to develop a well designed organization and integrating your people with your core business processes, technology and systems will help ensure that your organization can meet the challenges that arise in any economic climate. It can also significantly increase the likelihood that your infrastructure will remain in sync with your organization’s purpose and strategy.

Our OD programs include:

  • Compliance training
    • Discrimination & Harassment
    • FMLA
    • EEO
    • Ethics
  • Developing leadership and bench strength
  • Executive and team coaching
  • Team development for improved effectiveness

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