In the past year, 50-million jobs were filled in the United States  —  almost all without a job posting!

The jobs weren’t posted because of a change in the way employers hunt for candidates.  Today, employers can’t deal with the avalanche of resumes they would get if they posted the jobs.  So they are relying on a brand new digital armory to find the handful of “most qualified” recruits that they want to interview.

Employers have gone digital!

This move makes things easier for job hunters!  Any candidate with the right digital skills has more power and more opportunity to find and land a job than they have ever had before.

In David’s new book, co-author with Jay Levinson, called “Guerrilla Marketing for Job-Hunters 3.0”, he lays out the brand new tools and tactics to make you light up on the digital radar!

Sub-titled: “How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Tap into the Hidden Job Market Using Social Media and 999 other Tactics Today”, the new book goes beyond  ‘where to look’ for a job, to include ‘how to be found in the digital job marketplace’.  It took a guerilla marketer to spot this trend, and few job candidates are aware of it yet.  If you can grasp these simple digital techniques now, you will have a jump on all those who are still sending out resumes.  While resumes are still a critical element, job hunters also need digital strategies.

The new book tells how to use different social media at the same time, so job hunters can leverage online resources like ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and take advantage of “the secret lives of top corporate recruiters”.  Job-hunters are advised on little-known search-engine optimization tricks used by those looking for employees.

At the same time, job hunters are coached on how to use the new tools to build online profiles that present their value to searchers.  Case stories are used to illustrate how to interview, and how to demonstrate this ability during the interview.

Drive to Own The “Means of Employment”

Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 is riding a great historical trend: the compelling need everyone feels for control of their fate.  People are taking control of their lives, and this means ownership of the means of employment.  We are in a renaissance of self-direction.  We all want to direct our own lives in an uncertain world, so we can expand our opportunities and our abilities.  Partly this comes from the current economic uncertainty; partly it reflects the history of the past century and more, which has been a striving towards the realization that people’s opinions matter!  We have always moved in the direction of greater freedom…because that is human nature.  We want to control our destinies.

“Taking control of your employment is especially important in today’s demographic because so many people are looking for new kinds of work  –  work that has meaning for them.  Our population is getting older  –  for the first time, there will be more people over 65 than under 5  — and older people are more reflective: they want to know they are doing something meaningful.  Our book helps provide a catalyst for their productivity.

In a digital age, you master the digital stage.

As the first multi-media book for job hunters, Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 has:

  • “Quick Response” Tag technology from Microsoft to deliver exclusive content
  • Digital tools to perform precession job searches and online placements of candidate values
  • Hot links for fast access to online tools
  • Tweets and other social media tools

About the “Guerilla” Series of Books

The “Guerilla” series has sold more than 22-million books in the past decade, providing effective advice to business owners and job seekers.  The series was launched with Guerilla Marketing, a technique maximizing innovation and creativity.