Lack of HR Bench Strength

“We’ve got a major project due, but don’t have the expertise or bandwidth in house to get it done on time, what can we do?”


How HR Solutions by Design Can Help

HR on Demand HR Outsourcing (Interim or Long-Term):

Through a combination of onsite and remote work, HR Solutions by Design will leverage a strategic HR Business Partner to provide leadership and expertise to develop and implement an HR project or to serve as a replacement HR staff member to maintain your current initiatives while also identifying opportunities to improve overall organizational effectiveness. Our HR Business Partners are certified, seasoned professionals with industry knowledge that can provide HR leadership while consulting with your organization in-person or via phone or email support on either an interim or long-term basis.

Remote Access:

If you’re in the market to replace an HR staff member, HR Solutions by Design can help you make the right hiring decision by providing ongoing support and expertise you can count on, giving you time to determine candidates that are the right fit. When you engage HR Solutions by Design, we can help you navigate through the transition in an effective, efficient and cost conscious manner by providing remote HR services to keep you on track.

HR Professional Search:

When you partner with HR Solutions by Design, you will benefit from the unparalleled HR Solutions by Design network. We will leverage and build upon that network as we undertake your specific search. Our process begins by conducting an analysis of your Organizational Culture (OC), your values and philosophies, mission, vision and purpose. Then we look at your specific needs in the role to help us understand what you’re looking for in terms of education, experience, industry knowledge, leadership competencies and OC fit. Once we’ve identified those elements, we initiate our proprietary recruiting strategy which takes into account the needs of the organization, the position profile, current strengths and opportunities for improvement (OFIs) and your future growth initiatives. Our recruiting strategies include targeting both active and passive HR candidates. For each search, we produce several highly qualified candidates; candidates whose HR credentials, skills and work experience have been thoroughly vetted by the HR Solutions by Design team prior to presentation to our clients. We can also provide background checks, arrange interviews and close candidates at the time of offer. Talent acquisition is your organization’s $1,000,000 decision. Finding the right “fit” is as much about education and expertise as it is about values and philosophies and knowing who “not” to hire is as important as knowing who to hire when you find that perfect candidate.