Workforce Planning

“Although we’re small, we anticipate a lot of growth in the coming year. How do we attract, retain and engage high performing teams?”

How HR Solutions by Design Can Help

HR Workforce Planning Nashville TN, Huntsville ALWorkforce Analysis and Succession Planning:

HR Solutions by Design is an extension of your leadership team. We partner and guide you through the process of aligning your company’s values, philosophies and talent goals with your overall strategic plan.

Our team of strategic HR professionals will help you identify gaps in capabilities and skill-sets of your current employees and establish strategies for closing those gaps through structure enhancements, staffing changes, and cost-effective and efficient workforce development plans.


Compensation Market Analysis, Benchmarking and Program Design:

The labor market is competitive, not only for those in search of a position, but for those in need of filling a position. Take a strong position in salary negotiations by ensuring your salaries and employee benefits are competitive by doing an analysis including benchmarking specific to your industry and geographic location.

Need to enhance your compensation structure? Allow HR Solutions by Design’s compensation specialists to develop a compensation philosophy and strategy that supports and reinforces your OC to attract, retain and engage a high performing team.


Talent Acquisition:

Our recruiting team has vast experience with a broad range of industries, giving our clients the benefit of working with an established team and an incredibly strong network.

HR Solutions by Design helps you take your recruiting process from a “gut feel” to an objective, measurable talent acquisition process based on the fact that past performance is the best indicator of future performance. Candidates will go through several rounds of phone screens and in-person interviews with an independent panel of HR Solutions by Design team members to ensure you get the best fit, education and experience available in the marketplace.

What other recruiting solution guarantees an interview with multiple HR Directors before ever stepping foot in your office?


Recruiting Consulting:

Our Talent Acquisition team of experienced recruiting and talent acquisition consultants will help you attract and retain the cornerstone of your competitive advantage – your people.

We will conduct a comprehensive review of your talent acquisition using our proprietary Recruiting Assessment. Then we will assess your current talent acquisition process for strengths and opportunities for improvement by examining your organization’s success factors, roles and responsibilities, onboarding and assimilation programs and compliance regulations to either verify and/or make suggestions for improvements going forward.


Employee Retention, Recognition, Engagement and Development Programs:

Once your team is in place, we continue to partner with you to ensure your HR Infrastructure reinforces and supports your desired OC to help you retain and engage your talent. HR Solutions by Design will help you design and implement customized employee retention, recognition, engagement, and development programs based on your values and philosophies. Through the use of focus groups and tested methodologies, the HR Solutions by Design team will design solutions that inspire your employees and demonstrates your commitment to their success and the success of the organization.