What’s The Secret Formula for Making Employees Fall in Love with Your Company?

It’s all in the Equation. The OC Equation™.

If your team is to gain and sustain the momentum needed to create your true competitive advantage they have to be united around a compelling and inspiring purpose and vision, embrace a set of common, passionately held values and philosophies and possess the courage to live those values and philosophies through their actions. The OC Equation™ will give you the competitive intelligence you need to create the organizational culture you need to engage employees and get results.

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What our readers are saying…

Cindy gets it exactly right with The OC Equation™. Just understanding these concepts not only will assist an HR professional internally but will assist in your talent management pool as well.
Stacy Adams, MHRM
Human Resources Manager, Nissan Trading

[This] is not rocket science. These are concepts that I’ve always known but could never put into words until The O.C. Equation™. This is how to lead an organization.”
Tony Emmanuel
CEO, The Mulch Company

The OC Equation is for anyone wanting to understand the value and importance of culture in corporate America. Cindy provides solid examples that will prove helpful to any manager or leader seeking to strengthen their company
Melissa Farriel
Finance Manager at Dancik International

This is a must-read for executive leaders! Cindy expertly highlights how the disconnect between espoused and actual values can create significant barriers to organizational success.
Michael T. Hanner
Vice President, Human Resource Power Team Services

“Cindy nails it!! If you want to maximize the EFFECTIVENESS of your OC, then read this book”
Glenn Farris
Production Supervisor, Daiei America

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The OC Equation