Federal Contractors and Non-Profits

As a Federal Contractor or non-profit, you may need an objective professional assessment of your current HR operations, a partner to help you identify, hire and engage talented and passionate employees, help as you’re navigating a leadership transition, or maybe you don’t know exactly what you need, but you know you need help. We bring our comprehensive experience to solve your most pressing human capital challenges by leveraging your organizational strengths, so you can stay focused on your purpose, mission, vision and Organizational Culture (OC).

Non-Profit HR Consulting, Nashville TN, Huntsville AL

How HR Solutions by Design Can Help

As a Federal Contractor or Non-Profit, your requirements can change with each winning proposal or grant and compliance is essential. HR Solutions by Design, LLC can help you ramp up quickly and stay on top of your federal reporting requirements. When you’re awarded a contract or receive a grant you have an immediate need for specialized talent and general HR administration and in this rapid growth environment these areas can be especially time consuming and difficult to manage. Outsourcing all or part of your HR management is a practical business and financial solution to meet your needs today and in the future. HR Solutions by Design, LLC combines multiple HR functions under 1 umbrella to help you meet federal compliance and reporting requirements allowing you to stay focused on running your enterprise. We are experienced in all aspects of recruiting and general HR practices in government contracting environments and we can help ensure you:

non profit HR consulting nashville tn

  • On board new hires quickly and efficiently
  • Maintain compliance with all federal hiring regulations
  • Access big business benefits even if you are a small organization
  • Lower the cost of HR administration
  • Attract key employees with compelling reward and benefit packages
  • Leverage our HR expertise with other legal and regulatory experts
  • Focus on your core business initiatives to meet your customer’s demands


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