Employee Conflict & Leadership Deficiencies


Employee Conflict & Leadership Deficiencies, Huntsville AL & Nashville TN

“Our leaders don’t seem to be effective leading their teams. They’re spending too much time resolving employee conflict and too little time inspiring and motivating employees for superior performance. We need help growing leaders and building stronger teams.”

How HR Solutions by Design Can Help

Performance Management Plan Design, Implementation and Evaluation:

Are you still using the same performance evaluation system you implemented ten years ago? Do employees and managers just go through the motions of completing them? Are evaluations turned in late or not at all?

HR Solutions by Design can help you recognize and reward performance that enhances your organization through a comprehensive performance management system designed to align business drivers, planning, executing and evaluation for high performance, allowing you to review past performance while also focusing on future development and actions that encourage personal and professional development.

We can help you determine what is working and what’s not with your current system and then partner with your leaders and employees to design and implement a customized solution that suits your unique needs and goals.


Learning & Development

An Integrated, Interactive Learning Approach
To tackle challenges managers face, it is critical to have learning framework that integrates all components of learning to the business strategy and Organizational Culture (OC). The learning framework must be interactive, designed to engage participants in both practice and application using real-world scenarios to accelerate the transfer of learning to the workplace.


Leadership Academy Training Suite:

HR Basics – Risks & Regulations Respectful Workplace:
In this module, participants learn about key employment regulations and how to identify and mitigate risk in these areas. Areas of focus include Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964; Civil Rights Act of 1991; Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA); Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA); and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Additionally, participants are introduced to personal liability for failing to take action when violations of a respectful workplace occur.

Effective Communication and Conflict in the Workplace:
In this module, participants learn the importance of strong communication in effectively managing people using a purpose and process approach. They learn how to plan to ensure communication goals are met. They are introduced to tools they can implement immediately that help build collaboration and trust through sound communication methodologies. Participants will examine workplace conflict and will learn to assess how conflict drives behavior (both positive and negative) in and between teams and individuals. They will explore effective techniques to deal with and even mine for conflict and they will learn how to effectively handle and mediate conflict to get results while building and maintaining relationships and protecting the OC.

Coaching, Mentoring & Feedback:
In this module, participants gain clear understanding and learn specific techniques for providing clear, effective coaching, mentoring and feedback to employees. Participants will learn to distinguish between the various types of feedback and proven techniques to use feedback to inspire and motivate employees or as a development tool for growth. Participants will also learn proven tactics and techniques for preparing and delivering effective coaching, mentoring and/or feedback that engages employees and inspires performance.

Managing Performance:
In this module, participants learn how to apply principles of thorough performance management by setting clear SMART goals, collecting and compiling feedback, delivering feedback, and documenting feedback. They learn how to communicate clear expectations, gain alignment, and hold others accountable using techniques and step-by-step, repeatable methodologies.

Situational Leadership:
In this module, participants learn how to assess an individual’s readiness level in a particular role or function and apply the appropriate leadership approach accordingly. They learn best practices of what exceptional leaders do, as well as tools and methodologies for applying the right leadership style and approach at the right time. This session is highly interactive and requires a high level of engagement from participants.

Bringing It All Together:
In this module, participants will have the opportunity to use all of the skills they have learned by working through a series of scenarios that run through an employee’s lifecycle. Five scenarios will be examined and a robust conversation will ensure the information presented was internalized and will be usable for future workplace scenarios.

Employee Engagement & Culture Surveys:
The HR Solutions by Design team will evaluate your current Organizational Culture (OC) based on your espoused and actual values, philosophies and actions (The OC Equation™) to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of your current values, norms and practices.

Data will be gathered using surveys, focus group discussions, small group meetings, marketing collateral, and random in-person and/or phone interviews to identify and communicate where further opportunity for improvement or enhancement may exist. Our recommendations will be aligned with your stated strategic growth goals. The outcome of the OC Assessment will be a definitive roadmap that can be used to leverage OC as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.