Lack of Efficient and Effective HR Processes & Systems


HR Processes Huntsville AL, Nashville TN

“We have a problem with ‘activity vs. impact’. Our people are really busy, but we seem to be spinning our wheels with little results to show for it. How do we improve our efficiency and effectiveness so others value HR as a business partner?”

HR & Recruiting Effectiveness Assessment:

Many times rapid organizational growth comes the realization that important steps were missed along the way because the organization was overwhelmed with conflicting priorities.

HR Processes Huntsville AL, Nashville TNAre your employee files are a mess, did you forget to establish job descriptions for all the new positions, or are strategic processes like your Organizational Culture (OC), compensation philosophy, change management process, and performance management structure been overlooked.

HR Solutions by Design can help you get your arms around these issues by conducting a comprehensive current state and desired future state analysis. Using our proven HR Audit process we can help you identify gaps in your HR infrastructure and establish a short and long-term road-map, including priorities for implementation, based on regulatory and compliance needs and industry best practices as they apply to the core functional areas of HR. In addition, HR Solutions by Design will evaluate your internal HR team to ensure their strengths are being leveraged for maximum productivity and high performance.

HR Technology Analysis:

HR Solutions by Design understands the need for efficiency and encourages the use of technology whenever possible. That said, all HR Information Systems (HRIS) are not created equal and our experts at HR Solutions by Design can not only recommend the right technology solution for your organization and budget, we can also provide administrative support to help implement those solutions.