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HR Solutions by Design is committed to equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to inspire and motivate engage employees.

We will develop and deliver customized training solutions for your organization, specifically designed to prepare you and your team to get results and achieve success – however you define success.

In today’s modern workplace, it is imperative for business leaders to provide opportunities for growth and development to their employees.

Receive the tools and training to achieve your organization’s strategic goals and position yourself and your people as leaders in the marketplace.

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We provide learning and development solutions in:

Team Building
Problem Solving
Change Management
Regulatory Compliance
Performance Management
The Supervisor as Coach
Building Trust and Loyalty
Time / Self-management
and other Leadership Specialities

Leadership Development Academy

Take your leaders to the next level with customized learning and development programs.

Our customized Leadership Development Academy is an effective way to provide your current and rising leaders with cutting edge best practices and tools needed to inspire and engage diverse work groups, accelerate their effectiveness and achieve exceptional results that provide your organization a sustainable competitive advantage. This integrated development model focuses on leveraging your organizational culture (OC) so employees can thrive and excel both personally and professionally. By developing and communicating key performance and behavior competencies tied to your organization’s values, philosophies and business strategy, your Leadership Development Academy helps ensure employee needs and business needs intersect.

Cindy, thank you for your weekly report. I especially appreciate your training for FMLA, PTO, Recruiting & Interview and so on. Some of our SVs are not familiar with these and your training is making a substantial contribution to our organization and the personal growth of our individual employees.
Thank you again for your great support.

Yosuke N.

Daiei America

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the Leadership Development Academy be integrated with other learning & development programs?

Absolutely. If your organization already provides some levels of training or development, Leadership Academy can be designed to reinforce, complement and broaden its impact taking performance to the next level. No training program should ever “stand alone” or be perceived an “add on. When designed correctly, all your learning & development programs should integrate and complement each other allowing participants to build and hone necessary skills needed to succeed. Implementing a strategic Leadership Development Academy can be the catalyst needed to reinvigorate performance.

Is there a defined curriculum or a minimum length of the Leadership Development Academy?

No. Because your organization is unique, it deserves and demands a unique, customized solution. Typical Leadership Development Academies’ include nine to twelve full day sessions or equivalent (micro learning and/or webinars can augment the full day sessions). Participants should also expect to implement personal action plans, track progress, and share breakthroughs along the way followed by a formal celebration/graduation events at the conclusion of the Academy.

What makes Leadership Development Academy different from other training programs?

Every session developed is customized to your organization’s specific needs. There are no “off-the-shelf” topics and each Academy session includes intentional connections to how topics live in the organization. We understand adults learn best by doing, so each session has a significant practice and participation component. An interactive teaching model engages participants in a way that is fun and energetic yet also enables real learning and application to the workplace. Participants receive additional follow-up tools after each session that encourage on-going development beyond the Academy.

Executive Coaching

Leaders are busy and we understand that. But because they’re busy they may over promise and under deliver. Our coaching programs help employees at all levels set realistic goals, create personalized action plans and provides an accountability partner to ensure steady forward progress.

At times, every organization needs an external perspective— a business partner who can see challenges and opportunities objectively. Someone who can coach high potentials/at-risk leaders challenging and inspiring them to strive for higher levels of performance or behavior success based on your OC. Someone who is both a cheerleader and an accountability partner. Our coaching programs help executives, leaders, and employees create and sustain momentum toward success.

Leadership Coaching

leadership career coaching nashville tn

Our leadership coaching model can provide employees at all levels with a confidential accountability partner who will challenge & support them to develop and implement business plans to achieve the business strategy and get results, successfully lead change initiatives and navigate the uncertainty and complexity of today’s business environment while reinforcing your OC.

HR Solutions is now focusing on the following areas:

  • Development Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Career Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching model provides resources in three distinct areas:

  1. Development Coaching – Development Coaching help prepare rising stars for future leadership roles. It focuses on improving and honing existing skills or learning new skills needed to strengthen your organization’s bench strength. Development coaching can benefit new employees, high, average and low performers, employees identified for promotion or reassignment, following performance coaching or career coaching, to prevent boredom, lack of challenge, and obsolescence and as a means to promote continuous learning.
  2. Performance Coaching – Performance Coaching is to improve results. It is NOT some last ditch effort to rescue an unsatisfactory employee. It is an everyday process to help everyone achieve better results – including your high performers, your key contributors and your problem employees. No matter what the current performance, everyone has room for improvement. Effective leaders see continuous improvement as a way of life. Performance coaching is often provided when employees have unsatisfactory performance, at the completion of a task or project, when an employee requests it or when performance management triggers a need. Performance coaching can benefit high, average and low performers.
  3. Career Coaching – Career Coaching helps employees achieve commitment and job satisfaction and helps your organization retain your best, brightest and most valuable employees. Career coaching may be most beneficial after a major organizational change, before making personnel decisions, whenever job dissatisfaction or frustration is high, to help motivate average or high performers or when an employee requests it.


Using valid and reliable assessment to evaluate your OC and how each employee fits into your organization can help improve commitment and buy-in. Our assessment can provide the objective evidence needed for strategic planning, professional development and even predicting performance.

The ability for your team to produce sustainable results hinges on understanding where you want to go, where you are and the gap that exists between the two. Assessment can often provide an effective means to objectively evaluate that gap so practical business strategies and actions can be developed to achieve the results needed. Without a well-intentioned plan, your organization may lose focus and become subject to the “flavor of the day” or the most vocal critics within and outside your organization. We offer a variety of assessment tools designed to help you and your team become more effective and efficient.

Cindy, I have appreciated your approach to this process. I felt as though I had a partner in improving the HR department rather than “finding fault.” I feel this is critical in establishing best practices and growth. The assessment appears thorough and was certainly informative.

I continue to be open to any new steps or actions to improve our existing processes and help our HR department remain compliant and run more efficiently.

Joanna G.

Human Resource Manager

1. Organizational Culture (OC) Assessment

Every organization has a culture. The question is: Is your culture helping you or hurting you? (Consider the difference between McDonalds® and Chick-fil-A®)

Leaders often perceive their OC differently than their employees and that gap can mean the difference between an engaged and a disengaged workforce. Our OC Assessment, based on The OC Equation™, will help you understand if your leaders and employees’ actions align with and reinforce your stated values and philosophies and the impact it’s having on individual, group and organizational performance. This information can then be used to determine necessary changes that will allow your OC to be used as a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. When congruent, employees discover a natural “fit” and work becomes almost effortless.

2. Employee Engagement Assessment

According to Gallup, only about 33% of US employees are actively engaged in the business of the organization. High employee engagement has been proven time and again to increase revenue and profitability. We can customize an engagement assessment based on your OC to help you better understand if your employees are dedicated and loyal and helping you achieve your business goals or if they are coasting through each day or even actively disengaged and working against your organization. Identify what’s resonating with employees and what’s not and discover the priorities that need immediate improvement to enhance your business outcomes.

3. Communication, Interaction and Conflict Assessments

DiSC – DiSC is a world renowned assessment tool, backed by almost 100 years of reseach that provides insight for individuals and team into their natural behavioral tendencies. It also provides a common language employees and teams can use to discuss their styles and the impact it has on the organization. Using DiSC helps everyone appreciate their similarities and differences and when implemented as a performance and behavior objective, it can be used to improve communication, collaboration, teamwork and problem solving.

The assessment can be completed online in about 20-30 minutes. Participants receive an in-depth report outlining the strengths and limitations of their style along with detailed insight on how that information can be used to improve communication, collaboration and teamwork. When coupled with our Interaction Style Training Program, participants discover how these principles can be used to enhance business performance.

Activity Vector Analysis (AVA) – The Activity Vector Analysis (AVA) is the pre-eminent behavioral assessment system for managers making decisions for hiring, succession planning, team-building, transfers, promotions and career direction. It has been used worldwide for more than 50 years. When combined with the JAR (Job Activity Ratings) AVA is one of the only tools available that can predict candidate success. It extends the opportunity for clients to make employment decisions in a more flexible, timely and cost-effective manner. AVA opens the door for rapid deployment of additional, even customized reporting for your firm, and for the next generation of AVA users.

Thomas Killman Conflict Assessment – Most people are conflict averse. But conflict is a natural aspect in the workplace and when viewed and managed as a positive can often be the catalyst for innovation, creativity and business breakthroughs. Yet, unmanaged it can derail even the best of organizations. The TK Conflict Tool assesses an individual’s typical behavior in conflict situations along two dimensions: assertiveness (toward your desired outcomes) and cooperativeness (toward other views). The online assessment provides detailed information about your natural conflict style and how to effectively use five different conflict-handling modes. Coupled with our Conflict Management training, cutting edge organizations learn to actively seek conflict in a respectful and productive way that encourages transparency and teamwork.

4. 360* Feedback

360 (degree) reviews can be a strong development tool linked to your performance management and development strategy for both current and emerging leaders. 360s are useful because they provide leaders and employees with objective, insightful feedback from peers/coworkers, higher level leaders, and subordinates inside and outside of their reporting chain of command on their leadership skills and abilities. This feedback, when used appropriately, allows high performing or struggling employees to better understand their strengths and limitations. 360s provide balanced insight into employee’s performance and contributions while also providing an opportunity for development and growth. Structured appropriately (and we will work tirelessly to ensure your 360 is structured appropriately and administered effectively), the 360 review is an invaluable addition to your performance development strategy.

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