Ensuring Competitive Compensation

“Our employees are jumping ship, what is our competition offering that we’re not?"

Employee Compensation Strategies Nashville TN, Huntsville AL

Compensation Philosophy and Program Design:

Your values and philosophies, in conjunction with your business provide the foundational elements of your Compensation Philosophy. If your compensation plan hasn’t been reviewed lately, especially in this market, it may be time to enhance your compensation structure. HR Solutions by Design’s compensation specialists will partner with you and your leadership team to develop a comprehensive compensation philosophy and strategy that can grow as your company grows and is strategic enough to attract, retain and engage a high performing team. The labor market is competitive not only for those in search of a position, but for those in need of filling a position. Using our proven methods we can help ensure your competitive position.

Compensation Market Analysis and Benchmarking:

By conducting a compensation benchmarking analysis of the positions within your organization, our compensation specialists will help you identify whether your total compensation is competitive enough to keep your highly skilled professionals engaged and performing. The competitive intelligence of a benchmarking analysis will position your organization to take a strong stance in salary negotiations by knowing you can be confident that your salaries and employee benefits are in line with not only your values and philosophies but with specific benchmarks in your industry and geographic region where you pull talent. Whether your philosophy is to lead the market, lag the market or be competitive with the market, our HR Business Partners will help design a compensation philosophy and strategy to help your organization grow, scale and reward and recognize performance, while staying in budget.