Losing Talent to the Competition


“We keep losing our talented staff to the competition but I am not sure why. How do we identify why people are leaving so we can figure out how to keep them?”

How HR Solutions by Design Can Help

Compensation Benchmarking Analysis:

What is the competition providing in terms of OC, compensation, benefits, perks, etc. that you’re not? HR Solutions by Design can help you find out.

Our OC and compensation experts can help by conducting an OC assessment and a compensation benchmarking analysis that will help you identify what’s positively and negatively impacting the engagement and loyalty of your staff. We’ll also help you evaluate total compensation to determine if it’s competitive enough to keep your highly skilled professionals engaged and performing.
Whether your strategy is to lead the market or lag the market, our HR Business Partners design a compensation strategy that helps your company grow and scale, all within budget.

Organizational Effectiveness Assessment:

As leaders, are you being clear in articulating the expectations of each role and the behaviors that reflect your OC? Employee productivity and morale typically start at the top and trickle down. It’s critical to identify your OC and the behaviors that will drive high performance from your team. At HR Solutions by Design we can conduct an OC Assessment and provide you with actual OC data on the overall effectiveness of your organization. Our assessment will provide insight into what’s currently working, what’s not and whether you have the right team in place to lead your organization to success.

Employee Retention, Recognition, Engagement and Development Programs:

What’s your employee value proposition? What’s your employer brand? Does your team understand your employee value proposition and your brand? We can help ensure you take the right steps to attract and retain top talent by designing and implementing custom-engineered employee retention, recognition, engagement, and development programs. Through the use of focus groups and tested methodologies, the HR Solutions by Design team will design a solution that speaks to your employees and demonstrates the investment that has been made in their success.