CEO of HR Solutions by Design, and author of Organizational Culture, Cindy Beresh-Bryant speaks up about healthy work culture and appropriate behaviors in today’s working environment. Amidst allegations of scandal, Nashville stars leave Webster PR.

Below is an excerpt of Beresh-Bryant’s comments, and you can read the whole article here:

“When you have allegations of wrongdoing, misconduct, harassment, whether it’s the national discussion around Harvey Weinstein or the local discussion here in Nashville, what we see multiple times is that many people knew it was going on but they didn’t speak up,” Beresh-Bryant said. “That’s when you really have a toxic work environment that not only hurts your employees, but ultimately as with the Webster Public relations agency, it hurts your organization.”

She said organizational culture is so important and the only thing competitors can’t duplicate.

“Regradless of what an organization says they value, their actions how they treat employees… that’s the true measure of their values,” Beresh-Bryant said. “I tell my clients that there are two rules; treat people the way you want to be treated and do the right thing.”

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